Let us be your tour guides towards a sustainable future.

No matter where you are along your journey, we can jump in to clarify your pathway.

“With this program we’ve managed to accomplish in nine months what would have normally taken us five years.”

– Päivi Kivilä, Corporate Responsibility Manager at Tikkurila Oyj

“We received intelligent and practical actions and how to infuse our strong sustainability performance into brand marketing.”

– Aki Finer, Development Manager at Raisio Nutrition, Ltd.

Understand the System

Natural Interest has a decade of experience helping large and small businesses take meaningful steps toward sustainability. Through our unique suite of advisory, coaching, and process facilitation services, we translate the fundamentals of sustainability into innovation and value creation to inspire lasting change in your business.

Lectures & education

Natural Interest is well-known for arranging inspiring lectures about Sustainable development, Ecological footprint, Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Design. We offer training in Finnish and English. Our lectures and courses can be tailored to the audience, taking audience age, educational background or work experience in consideration.


We offer training and workshop facilitation to ensure that all travellers have a holistic understanding of sustainability to apply to daily work. Our science-based framework is easy to understand, and opens the door to a sustainable future. Investment in building knowledge and decision-making skills is necessary to get to our final destination.


We also offer an award-winning e-Learning called The Sustainability Journey in English and Swedish. Our Finnish version will be launched in early 2016.

The Sustainability Journey is perfect for company intranet sites, individuals, and educational institutions. We offer a special discount for educational institutions. In addition, we can customize web course to suit your specific needs.

Mapping & Visualisation

In addition, we help your organization to gain the deeper understanding of your material and energy flows by applying our expertise in sustainability mapping and visualizations.

Take stock of your current business

An investigation of our starting point is necessary to ascertain what practices already exist that can be built upon. It also determines what needs to be fixed most urgently. Our indicators and tools are available to help your company understand the environmental impact of your different business services and products. Our core business then helps you to quickly move from your present situation onward towards sustainability and business success.

PROBE for Sustainability Excellence

To assess your business, we are trained to facilitate the PROBE for Sustainability Excellence. This streamlined process assesses your business continuity, your vision & context, your company’s leadership and ability to mobilize resources, the sustainability of your business operations and processes. In addition, we benchmark your company against industry competitors to gauge your leadership position.

Strategic Life Cycle Assessment

Our SLCA traffic light model uses a science-based approach to assess the lifecycle sustainability of your products. The deliverables are easy for anyone to understand. This easy-to-use tool and process captures at approximately 80% of the impacts of a full LCA, and costs far less.

Footprinting and data collection

Our Footprinter tool is perfect for collecting sustainability data (CO2 emissions, water usage, waste, energy usage) from across your organization. With Footprinter, we can help to clarify the impacts that your company’s different services and products have on the environment.

Track. Analyze. Report.

Build the team and communicate your journey

Community engagement and innovation to create your sustainable future together

Strategic communications are a key tool along your path to sustainability. Not only to let others know of your good work, but also to invite the best partners to join along. Engaging your workforce and external partners is not only about inviting them along your journey, but also about creating the space for them to contribute to your successful future.

Action planning and change management

This journey will be fun and exciting. It will also be difficult. In our work, we create an action plan to ensure that the short-, medium- and long term activities move in the right direction, remain flexible platforms for development, and offer a profitable return on investment. In our working relationships, we go for multifaceted and are in it for the long term.

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