At the age of six weeks, I had already spent half of my life in a small sailing boat in the Finnish outer archipelago. After that, when not on the boat, life continued mostly in the city of Helsinki. When possible, my family would travel to beautiful Lapland, in northern Finland. Having no neighbours or running water in our place there, nature played an important part in the formation of my values and in my appreciation towards life.

Since then, life has taken me to travel in a van, while racing a dinghy boat in competitions around Europe. It has also taken me to work in a farm in remote Western Australia, study Chinese in Taiwan and recover and tow a shipwreck from the coast of Estonia across the Gulf of Finland to Helsinki for repair. In 2008, I helped to establish a Finnish Olympic Committee recognised training center in Helsinki. I also have experience in coaching athletes, running operations at an importing, wholesale, and a retail business, growing and managing a multicultural not-for-profit office from 8 to 40 people within a year, doing fundraising for poverty reduction and leading a team in a development project in Manila, The Philippines.

My educational background is in International Studies, focusing on the intersection of international business and politics, which I went to pursue at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. Aside of studies and part-time work, I was active in the International Studies Association, AIESEC, initiating a social justice network on campus, and helping out the School of Management’s Social and Environmental Entrepreneurship team.

Now, until mid-June, I am in Karlskrona Sweden studying a master’s in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability at Blekinge Institute of Technology. The areas we delve into are the science behind sustainability, participatory leadership, strategic planning for organisations, and sustainable product innovation. As an example, with a team of five we advised a Swedish cement factory about how to include sustainability in their manufacturing and business processes. My thesis, on the other hand, examines the role of organisational learning within businesses that engage with sustainability.

Some of my interests here beside the hectic program are training judo, following news of global politics and business, environment and technology, enjoying time outdoors (especially in or on water), and figuring out ways to reduce meat in my meals.

Upon completing the program, I am very much looking forward to re-join the amazing and inspiring team at The Natural Step and helping Finnish companies to advantageously engage with sustainability.


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