Born and raised in the heart of Arabian Peninsula, Saudi Arabia, with cultural background from Bangladesh. Growing up, I was always surrounded by culturally diverse people, which once led me to a blog named Blue Abaya, where I got to know about a beautiful country named Finland, acknowledging its indecisive weather, islands and lakes, I decided to move here to study at Helsinki Metropolia UAS.

Later, I volunteered in Slush, and was fascinated by the burst of energy in the startup world, In fact, I started working in a renewable wearable tech startup called Tespack, my passion for such events did not stop there, since then I have worked in TEDxOtaniemi, Upgraded Life Festival 2016, etc. and my Data Science enthusiasm lead me to several Hackathons.

Due to my open-minded and adventurous nature, I went to try-out the realm of media and performing arts studies in Czech Technical University. Now, actively involved as the Vice President of Erasmus Student Network Metropolia, leading a team of 6, constantly collaborating with several other organisations for betterment and continuous improvement in mobility of students around the world and providing opportunities for cultural understanding and self-development. Furthermore, in the future I am going to concentrate more on projects in renewables in the Netherlands.

Not so long ago, we had a course related to Sustainable society, which helped me to stumble upon the Natural Interest and The Natural Step, where now I have been working with social sustainability projects and frameworks, life-cycle assessment and emissions related projects and many more. I fell in love with The Natural Step’s diverse and welcoming team, relaxed but super-efficient and active working style, aiming to overcome great challenges like climate change, and increasing social inequality by providing solutions-oriented innovation and creating transformational sustainable future.

Aside from that, I enjoy napping, movie marathons and fueling my YouTube addiction.

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