I am a last-year student for Environmental Engineering with specialization in Renewable Energy Technology, ready to graduate this spring. On my free time I am a hobbyist musician and a chess player; my goal is to achieve similar mix of creativity and analytics in my professional life too. I have lived in Helsinki for most of my life and development of urban environments is close to my heart.

During my studies I have worked as a teaching assistant in mathematics at my university. I have grown to really enjoy engineering and math, though I am curious by nature and normally interested in all ideas from every field, as long as the idea is backed up by sound science. This is one of the main reasons I have enjoyed my internship at the The Natural Step – though the working environment, nice co-workers, comfortable couches and a piano in the basement don’t hurt!

At this stage I am unsure where I will be in five years, but the goal of my work is to build a better, more sustainable society, while the content of my work will hopefully include problem solving and analysis.



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