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Today we face great challenges from resource and market uncertainties, climate change, and increasing social inequality. The need for clear objectives, strategies, innovative solutions and decision-making expertise to address these challenges is increasing at record speed.

Challenges are the new opportunities. Are you ready?

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Introducing: Antti Reunanen

 I am a last-year student for Environmental Engineering with specialization in Renewable Energy Technology, ready to graduate this spring. On my free time I am a hobbyist musician and a chess player; my goal is to achieve similar mix of creativity and analytics in my... read more

Natural Interest is the Finnish office of The Natural Step. We are a globally recognized network of offices and individual associates that share the same brand, principles and training in strategic sustainable development.

Our work builds on twenty-five years of scientific research to develop a unifying framework for strategic sustainable development.

Through our offices, associates and strategic partners in many countries on all continents, we have experience from implementing the framework in businesses, municipalities/cities and academia across the world.

Through coordination of R&D, education, dialogue, coaching and advice The Natural Step provides its partners and clients with deep expertise in sustainability, solutions-oriented innovation and transformational change processes.